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Rule Books and Tech Manuals
Stay tuned to all of our 2023 updates!

Select any of the icons below to view our different tech manuals.

In 2017 SRR adopted the NKA Rule Book.  NKA is both an insurer and sanctioning body of karting. We have used NKA insurance at SRR for decades. The 2020 updated version of their rule book is linked to the NKA icon below.  We will also list any exceptions we will use to the rule book as written.  You can find those exceptions listed on this page.

The second icon is for Briggs Racing and selecting it will take you to the NKA rules for the Briggs Animal LO206 classes.  You can see which of the classes listed we will run at SRR by reviewing our class listing which is also under ‘Go Kart Speak’ on this web site.  We will fully investigate, but we assume this rule book is the same as what you’ll find from Briggs Motorsports.

The picture of the Honda Engine will take you to the tech manual for the ‘Local Rules’ Honda box stock classes run at SRR.

The picture of the tires and wheels has the SRR tire rule for our box stock Honda classes linked to it.

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